Welcome to Ananya Seeds. We provide our food consumers a GOOD FOOD, SAFE FOOD and NUTRITIOUS FOOD at all places at the right price.

Bringing Execuetion Excellence in Seed Business

It gives me immense pleasure to present our first product catalogue which will help our patrons in selecting the right products.

I appreciate that research, development, production, processing and packing, quality assurance, marketing, sales and distribution and extension services - they all need skilled manpower.

We have incorparted individuals who demonstrate integrity, academic excellence and leadership. We would continously be working towards creating a congenial work environment so that the best talents in the industry can stay and contribute.

We are confident that our company will be able to attract, groom and retain the best talentsim the industry.

Our Strong team of breeders creates new traits and plant types suitable for cultivation. Our production team is one of the best in Asia and has experiance, wisdom and skills to undertake seed production task with assured quality norms.

Our modern processing and packaging system ensures the longevity of seeds. Our quality assurance system shields the whole work proceeds to ensure best quality at all times without any fail.

The sales and marketing team works day and night with channel partners and farmers to understand their ever-changing needs.

We are using advanced accounting system and ITES tools to stay connected with our customers and channel partners.

Our execuetion excellence approach built around the whole business ensures that our customers get all kinds of accuurate services in time.

We are confident that 'Ananya' will emerge as the first choice of customers and one of the most preferred seed company to work with with.

We will provide highly congenial environment to its employees for utizing their hidden potential.

Salil Kumar Srivastava
Chief Execuetive Officer

About Us

Our company is passionate as well as determined to support growers by providing high level technical expertise along with high value and high quality seeds. Our seed therefore need to be more tolerant, more powerful, more yielding under fluctuating conditions.

“Best talents have joined hands to transform the Indian Agriculture”.

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+91 - 8222866610

Email us at: customer.care@ananyaseeds.com

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Vision & Mission

  • Vision: To be a leader in Indian seed industry through research and marketing of quality seeds
  • Mission: Understanding the changing needs of growers and consumers
  • Transforming knowledge into products which match the needs using high degree of manual and molecular breeding techniques
  • Strong network to make available seeds to remotest corners of the country.
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